Your company's observatory.

Teams teem. Meetings multiply. Pings pile up. Docs accumulate.

It's a mark of any ambitious, fast-paced, prolific company. But it's making these same organizations impossible to navigate.
With Constellate, it's different.
The Hub

In the Constellate universe, prolific is also productive.

Here's how it works.

When everyone's in the loop, trust and excitement flow.

By creating a place where the hivemind buzzes without the looming threat of to-do's, Constellate is a nourishing space for anyone to visit when they'd otherwise be on TikTok.

  • Raise the ROI on crossfunctional curiosity

    without more messages or meetings.

  • Advance collective company wisdom

    without games of telephone or internal marketing campaigns.

  • Cultivate organizational taste

    by spotlighting great work, not micromanaging.

  • Embolden teachers and learners

    who want to think when they come to work, not just check boxes.

  • Reduce crossfunctional blindspots

    with just one tab bookmarked.

Constellate is built by a team that has shaped and studied high-performing, cohesive companies.

When you use Constellate, you bring a strand of their company's DNA to yours.

The Kool-Aid Factory